Take a deep breath, mama.

This burning the candle at both ends life isn't working for you anymore ...

but please . . . don't worry

I'm here to help you turn this ship around.

"I love my job and there's no question I'm meant to succeed in my own career, but why is it so hard to quit thinking about all the things I have to do at home when I'm supposed to be working?! How am I supposed to get everything done every single day?!"

why can't I focus anymore?

"Laundry, check e-mail, feed the baby, play a little with my big kid, enjoy a date night (that ends by 9pm because #exhausted). Why is it so hard to actually rest & enjoy my time at home? It seems like all I do is power through my to do list. I'm so tired, yet there's no time to truly relax!"

where do I fit in?

here's the thing, mama . . .

( Yes, my voice is raised, 'cause this is important! )

We were raised to believe that we can do all the things, and do them well.

But we both know that’s not sustainable.

Together, we're gonna pave the way for you to be the best version of yourself (& that includes prioritizing YOU).

hey there, i'm jess!

9-5 Working Mama + 24/7 Productivity Coach

I help overwhelmed mamas desperate for space to breathe find clarity through self-awareness and simplified productivity.


Raise your hand if you love your career AND that sweet family of yours, but if you can't ditch this insanity soon and find time for yourself for one hot second ... {insert ragey result here}.


From one working mama to another, I get it.

You used to be able to manage all the things with room to spare. But a switch flipped the moment you became a mama.

Now you’re not sure whether to honor the high achiever who rocked center stage for a decade (and continue to pursue that next promotion), or lean totally into motherhood and s-l-o-w down to prioritize baby books & Lego castles …

spoiler alert:

you don’t actually have to choose between the two.


one that:

  • is supported by tons of simple and free tips, tricks & tools.
  • doesn’t involve an ultimatum between choosing your job or your personal life.
  • cuts through the noise to highlight your most important pursuits & goals in life.
  • reflects a holistic, purposeful plan based on your strengths.
  • breathes life into you every step of the way.
  • elevates how you show up in every facet of life.
  • is totally within your control.

It wasn’t long ago when I was right where you are today and mama, it doesn’t have to be this way. You CAN have a fulfilling career, exceptional motherhood, and plenty of space to breathe.

But only if that's what you truly want.

moment of truth:

are you ready to flip the script & truly build a life of purpose?

then let's dive into

camp clarity

Your Productivity Jump Start Plan to Save You At Least 2 Hours per Week

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Your Productivity Jump Start Plan to Save You At Least 2 Hours per Week

Camp Clarity is a 5-Day Audio training with a companion workbook.

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Take your time back, mama!

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Your Productivity Jump Start Plan

to Save You At Least 2 Hours Per Week