What’s a “Depth Year” & Why I’m Doing It

Hello, my name is Jess and I suffer from “shiny object syndrome.

New challenges, new opportunities to learn, new technology, etc. These shiny objects all regularly flaunt their allure at me.

When I cave, I typically dive head first into these new opportunities with tons of excitement and fire in my bones.

  • New course? YES PLEASE.
  • New technology? DEFINITELY.
  • Big, creative home project? SURE THING.
  • Brand new book by {insert awesome author} … ?!! BRING IT ON.
  • …you get the idea. I like NEW, even when OLD isn’t finished.

But when that crackling fire burns out … I’m left with just another time suck. Something that demands my attention but no longer lights me up.

What I’m Learning

A fire that burns longer at a slow and steady pace is far more fulfilling than a quick hit.

At my core, the problem is patience. I want results NOW.

That fire? It’s the unconscious thought that results are imminent if I work hard and put everything I have into this one new thing. When the results don’t come instantly, the fire burns out quickly. I’m doing a disservice to not only myself, but to the purpose of the “shiny object” too. Clearly, this is a mindset issue.

So recently I heard of something called “The Depth Year.”

It’s interesting, because I think I’ve attempted a few “depth months” or “depth weeks” but they haven’t exactly become habit. I’m 100% ready to change that.

Depth Year Flowers Notepad Pink Pen

What is a “Depth Year?”

It was first proposed on this blog in 2017. The writer (David) basically proposed no new acquisitions and no new projects. It’s using what you’ve already got and diving deeper into it all more than ever before. It’s digging into existing relationships instead of trying to collect all the friends. It’s diving deeper into that hand lettering hobby I once hoped to cultivate, and actually cultivating it. David came back at the end of 2018 with an update.

The guiding philosophy is “Go deeper, not wider.” Drill down for value and enrichment instead of fanning out.

David Cain, Raptitude.com

I’m not sure I actually want to go an ENTIRE year without expanding my creative reach (open mind, people!), but I’m capable of leaning into every day, week, month with one important question in the back of my mind.

Am I experiencing “shiny object syndrome” or “can I go deeper into something I already claimed?”

Benefits of a “Depth Year”

2020 is a fresh new decade. I know there’s nothing magical about the dates on a calendar, but 2020 feels a little bit magical, right?

I feel strongly that approaching the new decade with a “depth year” in 2020 will bring me some incredible benefits:

  • Success on a few hobbies I used to love, but feel behind on.
  • Better time management since new things won’t be constantly vying for my attention.
  • Money saved since reducing the things = reducing the money spent!
  • Continued home decluttering as I cull the things I already have to make space for what I really want to do with my time.

At the end of 2020, I’m confident that my “Depth Year” will have some pretty solid benefits to show.

As I go into my PowerSheets prep over the next 3 weeks, this theme will be laced through every one of my goals. I’m so excited to see how the benefits unfold.

What does 2020 look like for you, friend?

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