Ultimate Guide to Weekend Time Blocking {for Rest}

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Weekends used to be relaxing, didn’t they?

“TGIF” meant Friday nights out on the town with friends, or instant PJs with a glass of wine and Netflix. Both solidly glorious options to end the work week.

Then, there were kids.

Don’t get me wrong. We both know that the kids are very much wanted. And they enhance our lives in ways we couldn’t have fathomed before they showed up.

But we can all admit that the weekends look QUITE a bit different than they did pre-kiddos.

In some ways, not in a good way.

I have a sneaking suspicion that much of your weekend looks like running around, resetting your home, catching up on laundry, and maybe sitting down on Sunday morning to enjoy one hot cup of coffee, if you’re lucky.

I’m sure you sneak a few cuddles in with your sweethearts (kids AND husband), but mostly, the tasks that you didn’t get done Monday-Thursday are now *front and center* in your mind throughout your weekend. Good times.

Imagine if that wasn’t the case?

What if you hit Friday night with a clear set of expectations that prioritized REST, allowing you to feel refreshed and ready for Monday to hit again?

Refreshing weekend for me? Yes, please. But, how?!

The big secret? View and treat your weekend as a series of large time blocks. There’s so much talk about time blocking for the work week, but what about the weekend?

In my opinion, how you spend your weekend directly impacts your weekday productivity (not the other way around), so it’s time to prioritize the way you spend your weekend, mama!

The weekend doesn’t have to be rigid. In fact, it shouldn’t be rigid at all. But there should be pretty specific blocks of time in your schedule during which you prioritize certain necessary actions and other times where you prioritize rest, relaxation, and connection.

Wait, what is time blocking anyway?!

Time blocking might be a new concept to you entirely. So it’s really great that you’re learning about it in the context of optimizing your weekend for rest.

Time blocking is my favorite productivity method that serves to give every hour in your day a specific job. This includes giving “sleep” its own time block, my friend!

Essentially, you take every non-negotiable activity and block it out. Including sleep, things like start/end work and church get blocked off first. Then, you can take the front and back end of those tasks and block off the activities that immediately precede and follow – daycare drop-off on your way to work, and before that, get the kids ready, and before that, wake the kids up, and so on!

Once you’ve determined your non-negotiable activities, continue to build out your time block schedule until every hour is accounted for in each day of the week.

This is very high level … more to come on time blocking in general, but let’s get back to the weekend.

How does time blocking make sense for the weekend?

The best way to create rest and margin within your weekend is to know where you’ll spend your time.

The best way to do this is to intentionally plan ahead and time block.

Lucky for you, I’ve nailed down a step-by-step plan AND created a free guide with a few worksheets to share with you today.

Before we get into the details, grab your free Weekend Renewal Guide here so you can follow along and create your own time block plan for this upcoming weekend.

Got the workbook? OK, great. Keep reading!

The weekend time block “secret sauce” is …

… assigning each day of the weekend a designated purpose.

Guess what? You’re probably already using this framework (to a point) without even realizing it.

Being intentional about your time is what truly sets your weekend apart.

Ready?! Let’s go …

Friday = “RECONNECT”

After 5 days at work, you must be craving a bit of family time, right?

Those sweet tiny humans need mama on the couch to cuddle with for a hot second. That husband of yours probably wants some quality time too. For 5 days, you’ve been going about your individual business and on Friday night, it’s time to bring it all back to what matters most.

So Friday night gets the honor of supporting you in reconnecting together, if you let it.

How to Optimize Friday Night Reconnection:

  1. Choose the start time & stick to it. This is obviously when everyone is back home from work and daycare/school. Treat the start time as you would any work commitment. It’s important!
  2. Select an easy meal. As in no, or minimal, clean-up. Totally acceptable to head out for dinner!
  3. Agree on a fun & simple group activity. Keyword: “group.”

There’s space to jot down ideas of your own in the Weekend Renewal Guide!

Saturday = “REVITALIZE”

There’s nothing like a quiet, alarm-free wake-up on Saturday morning, followed by cartoons for the kids and a hot Bulletproof coffee for mom and dad to kickoff the weekend.

But let’s be serious, how often do you get to enjoy THAT kind of Saturday? It’s usually, wake up and get after all the lingering to-dos, right?

It doesn’t have to be strictly business on Saturdays, but it totally can be if that’s what you need to feel revitalized. The key is to make conscious, intentional decisions over what everyone needs.

How to Optimize Saturday Revitalization:

  1. Decide what YOU NEED to feel sufficiently revitalized. For me, that’s usually creating something – bonus points if it’s offline. This past weekend, it was installing our new garage door opener (I’m the handy one!). Double benefit of creating something offline and doing something that was absolutely necessary for our home (broken garage door openers are not ideal).
  2. Decide what your FAMILY NEEDS to feel sufficiently revitalized. Some weekends, it’s an adventure. Other weekends, it’s “stay home days,” as my daughter sweetly requests on many Saturday mornings.
  3. Set the intention and roll with it, but leave plenty of room to flex. Keep an eye on your weekend commitments. The fastest way to feel exhausted and dreading Monday is to pack your calendar full of commitments that you and your family feel only 50% fired up over.

I’ve included some more ideas for Saturdays in the Weekend Renewal Guide, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty of your own, too.

Sunday – “REFRESH”

Some people nap all day after church, others (like me) use Sundays to batch my chores so I’m totally ready for the work week.

Sunday feels like the perfect day of the week to refresh your soul AND your home. When your soul is full, you’re giving off so much life-giving energy. When your home is refreshed, it gives off just as much life-giving energy. Care well for them both, mama!

How to Optimize Sunday Refreshment:

  1. Tend to your soul in at least one or two ways. Church is a wonderful way to start Sunday. Documenting weekly gratitude (if you don’t already have a daily practice) is another awesome way. I’ve done a 10 Things on Sunday Gratitude List before, and it was so fun to look back each week and see how I changed.
  2. Tend to your home in as many areas as you need. Meal planning/prep for the week, knock out that last bit of laundry (and put it ALL away), reset the toys and books that were pulled out through the weekend … you get the idea.
  3. Establish a Weekly Family Meeting for Sunday evening. This is so important, mama. Think of it like the Sunday “shutdown” anchor that allows you to shift your mindset from the weekend to work week. Use it to build communication and establish a plan for the week that has everyone on the same page.

That’s it! That’s the weekend time block plan.

So simple, yet so easy to forget to be intentional down to this level.

The free Weekend Renewal Guide has space to jot down ideas for each day of the weekend, as well as a self-assessment and weekend plan worksheet.

It’s super simple and so helpful to arrange all your ideas in once place.

I can’t wait to hear how this simple change makes a difference in your life.

Be sure to pin this for later and pass it on if you feel any of your mama-friends could benefit from this too. Hey, you might just block out a Saturday morning coffee date with her to celebrate!

Cheers to a restful weekend.

xo, Jess

p.s. one more mention for the free Weekend Renewal Guide … you really don’t want to miss this completely free guide, mama!

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