“Happy Wife, Happy Life” – How to Make Your Husband Help More

Right about now, your entire family is probably quarantined at home together …

The house is a mess.

You’re running out of your favorite foods (or maybe you just stocked up like us, Walking Dead supply-run style).

Your work is getting done at the craziest hours (or you’ve successfully ditched perfection, at least for this season).

You thought you’d have more time to enjoy some hobbies, but with everything going on, the only thing you seem to have time for is an escape to Netflix in the evening.

The best news – it’s not March anymore.

The not so great news – April shows no signs of being different … and it’ll be twice as long.

So, let’s just settle in now, shall we?

But how can we manage this “new normal” under quarantine without losing our minds?

How do we prevent disagreements and ensure balanced contributions in the home while we’re all dealing with so much stress and uncertainty?

Well, let me tell you!

The Secret to Home Management Balance

For many years, I’ve been monitoring, reacting to and documenting how things get done in our home (#nerdalert).

Besides all of the systems we’ve put into place to support us, our #1 form of self-preservation in our home is coordinated HELP.

As in, my husband and I are a partnership. With dual-careers, we’re both responsible for the management of our home.

Sure, we outsource too, but the balance of responsibilities are shared.

To gain margin and feel less overwhelmed each day, you have to work with your husband to balance the efforts in your home.

Now, more than ever!

How Do We Do It?

We aren’t perfect every single day. There are plenty of disagreements stemming from our very different approaches to completing tasks.

On my worst days, I break every rule in the guide.

But, thankfully, my husband is full of forgiveness.

Some days, he takes more than half of the work and other days, I take more than half. But there are certain strategies that really help us when we need to get back to center.

I like my husband and we both want a harmonious household (especially during this season of quarantine).

So I turned our methods into a guide to help us move forward consistently on the same page.

And guess what? I’m giving it to YOU. It’s no good if it stays between the four walls of our home.

A friend told me I should charge for it, because it’s PACKED with goodness. But your sanity is more important to me than a few dollars right now.

So, go get your guide below!

“Happy Wife, Happy Life” aka The Home Management Balance Guide

This guide is built on our signature 4-phase strategy for home management balance. It’s meant to be used like a goal setting workbook. Pull the whole thing out annually for a refresh, or quarterly if enough has changed in your circumstances.

Here’s what’s included:

Phase 1 – 6 Commandments of Delegation

Learn how to effectively delegate and “let go” so your husband can rock his tasks. There’s space to journal some thoughts as you go through each commandment.

Phase 2 – Give Each Other a Clean Slate

Open the line of communication and truly understand where each of you are coming from with a simple questionnaire for each of you to complete. There’s even a spot to identify what you need for self-care, ’cause you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Phase 3 – Communicate Regularly & Consistently

Pick a weekly date for home management communication and use the included family meeting agenda to drive success.

Phase 4 – Innovate & Recalibrate Often

When you’re ready, enhance your communication and home management success with my list of tools and other ideas. Never stop learning and adjusting to your current season.

How to Get the Guide

Get The Home Management Balance Guide here, or scroll back up to enter your first name & email address right here in this post.

Then head straight to your inbox and instantly download the guide!

Don’t wait to implement the strategies and tools you’ll find in the guide.

You’ll create margin in your day in no time, friend. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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