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Why You Might Want to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle Today

You’re doing an amazing job! Right now. In this moment.

Whatever brought you here to find out how to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, be gentle on yourself before anything (I’m sure you ARE, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it!)

You’re juggling the responsibilities of motherhood right alongside your career during this wild emotional rollercoaster that is our current world. You’re waking up early, staying up late, and fitting all the rest of your tasks in between.

But one thing that might have fallen off track lately is your health.

The wave of the stay-at-home order hit in March faster than you had a chance to reset. Your gym closed down, some of your favorite healthy food options became tough to come by, and frankly, the snack aisle & the couch called your name a little louder than anything else.

Does that sound about right?

My quaran-story would have gone exactly like that had mono not shown up and ripped my appetite out altogether (Day 3 Quarantine: Dear Diary …)

But back to my point … I’ve continued to have very little appetite and low energy too. My Peloton class calendar is empty and I can’t seem to figure out what to actually eat to consistently raise my energy.

So I’m ready to dive in and kickstart a healthy lifestyle from here.

Let me pause and mention that I’m not a personal fitness or diet coach! I’m a whole-life productivity coach and there is nothing more central to productivity than our health, so that’s what we’re talking about today.

Always know that the best type of healthy lifestyle is the one that’ll make you feel your best and keep your mind clear & productive.

There’s only one thing you need to do today and that is to decide that today is the day to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Whatever that means to YOU.

Why It’s Critical to Maintain High Energy with a Healthy Lifestyle

Right now, you’re being pulled in a million directions.

The kids might be home, you’re managing a career alongside all of your regular (and new) home responsibilities, etc.

In one word: PRESSURE. So much pressure.

Nobody can deny how much moms across the world are managing right now, but when I hear all the stories of ending each day with wine and Netflix until midnight, I have to cringe.

That will never help the next day be more calm and productive.

It might feel good in the moment, but if high energy, a calm demeanor and greater productivity are a priority, then most days of the week must prioritize sleep over wine & Netflix. So sorry for this truth bomb. I know, it kinda sucks!

But here’s why shifting your habits here is actually so much better in the long run. Living a healthy lifestyle will allow you to:

  • Be more patient with your children (those positive parenting tactics actually do work).
  • React less intensely to over-stimulation (you know the TV noise, “mom, mom, mom,” microwave timer, and dogs barking all at the same time!).
  • Feel energized even when things are tough (cortisol might actually start working as intended).
  • Be more productive with less brain fog (brain fog is the killer of productivity & creativity, especially postpartum).

If you’re still working from home with littles, or just need a boost in a better time block schedule throughout the day, check out this post for the 5 rules you should break today.

There’s a free download in this post that’ll help you build a fresh schedule that includes time to devout to your new healthy lifestyle.

Why Do You Even Want to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle?

There’s only one thing you need to do today and that is to decide that today is the day to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Whatever that means to YOU.

But starting any sort of healthy lifestyle is tough work.

So, what’s your “why” for wanting to reset?

This is an important question, as the answer will guide you forward.

For me: A healthy lifestyle means a healthy immune system and higher energy throughout the day, so that I can be present for my family and business. I feel my best, and most creative, when I eat whole foods without sugar or alcohol, even when I don’t simultaneously exercise. I’m less likely to procrastinate and talk myself out of stretch goals when I’m feeling energized and clear.

That’s it. Three simple sentences that clearly explain why this matters to me.

It’s your turn! Write three sentences or 20. Whatever connects a healthy lifestyle to your “why” is what matters.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Raise your hand if you thrive in a chaotic, cluttered home.

LOL. Didn’t think so.

The #1 thing I have to do when I’m getting ready to start any big life goal is declutter my space & my mind. With healthy lifestyle goals, it’s also important to take a moment to clean up my digital / social media life too.

Go through each of these categories for a quick sweep of clutter that might halt your progress now, or at any time, as you get used to these new habits.

Space Clutter

Mind Clutter

  • Write down 3 affirmations related to health that you’ll repeat when you’re struggling to stay on track.
  • Determine a choke point (i.e. getting an afternoon snack when you’re not hungry) & build a process for how you’ll stop yourself from making a poor choice. Example: “Reach for Pantry Door to grab a snack. Before turning knob, repeat 1 affirmation, take 1 step backwards, get a glass of water with lemon instead.”
  • Increase communication with your husband. You’ll be so much more successful with your husband on board, so try the free Home Management Balance Guide to line up the meal plan and other home responsibilities.

Digital Clutter

  • Turn off notifications for social media to avoid temptation to hop in and scroll.
  • Unfollow accounts that lead to comparison or unhealthy mind habits.
  • Follow encouraging accounts that’ll fill your cup over time!

Choose Your Starting Gate Protocol

A healthy lifestyle isn’t temporary.

Can we agree that diet fads and short bursts of exercise excitement are not sustainable long-term?

How we choose to kickstart a healthy lifestyle – whether cold turkey or a slow ramp up – should be directly related to how you hope to see it through until it’s second nature.

Either method will work for different people long-term. Choose the path that you know will be easier for you to adopt and maintain over time.

For me, I know that cold turkey is great for a quick result. It’s not great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle over time. So, I’ll be on the slow-and-steady track as I ramp up here.

Which track are you choosing for your healthy lifestyle goals?

Get in the Game Every Single Day

Every day is a new day to reset your intention. No matter what happened the day before, whether you accidentally let your goals slide, or did an amazing job but feel a little down today, you have a new day.

A few affirmations to start the day will go a long way to securing your success. Try it out!

If you’re a morning routine newbie or looking for a refresh there too, check this morning routine post out. If all you have is 5 minutes of time for a few intentions and affirmations, own it!

A Note on the Kid’s Snacks …

Kid snacks will only be a downfall if you let them get in the way of your “why.” But I know that’s easier said than done.

Here are some ways to counteract this potential problem:

  • Encourage the kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle too.
  • Post your “why” on the inside of the pantry door. Encourage yourself to read it and be mindful of your present state before taking anything out to eat.
  • Prep go-to healthy snack alternatives for moments where you’d really prefer one of the kid’s snacks. If you’re truly hungry and not just reaching for comfort, grab one of these prepped snacks instead.
  • Literally stop buying whatever is most triggering for you. The kids will be alright!

My daughter is young enough that she doesn’t always remember what’s missing from the pantry when it’s gone. Awhile back, I was eating WAY too many fruit snacks – so good!

We stopped buying fruit snacks and she truly hasn’t asked once. She’s old enough to have a laser-focused memory, but when food is out of sight, she doesn’t think to ask for it.

As You Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle and Develop Your Plan

Remember that this is a lifetime, long-term process. It must be sustainable.

It’s not going to shift overnight, so be mindful of your expectations.

Small daily habits and consistent action will make ALL the difference.

I absolutely love the book, Atomic Habits, by James Clear. Especially for building a healthy lifestyle with sustainability in mind.

Regardless of where you’re starting from in this moment, TODAY is the best day to take one small step forward into this journey.

Set the wine, M&Ms & self-deprecating thoughts aside, friend, and move onward towards higher energy, greater productivity & exponential fulfillment achieved through a healthy lifestyle!

Tell me one thing in the comments below that you’re adopting today to kickstart a healthy lifestyle!

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