Motherhood whisked you from

"I'll OWN THIS PLACE one day!" to

“did I really make this tiny human?”

in 9 months flat …

and you’re not mad about it ...

... except for the part where you seem to have surrendered your life to a brain that doesn’t quit with the running task list of bottle washing and laundry loading, meal planning and dust bunny vacuuming, birthday party planning and potty training, bill paying and …

you get the idea ...

Let's discuss "mental load" for a hot second

what is it?

What do I do about it?

what is it?

Whether or not you've heard this term before, I'm 150% sure it's part of your life right now.

It's the invisible Post-It notes flying around your mind 24/7.

It's the running tasks and rabbit holes that you inevitably experience every single time you go to "complete" something on your list.


It's putting a load of laundry in the wash, only to find that you need to order new detergent, then seeing that your Amazon Subscribe & Save needs to be updated because the baby isn't in size 2 diapers anymore, followed by realizing you need to pay the credit card and in order to pay it, you need to transfer some money for cash flow, then dang it, you forgot to submit your expense report at work last week ...

and so on ...

What do I do about it?

I want to be wrong about your experience with mental load, but the good news is that we can fight it! It does NOT have to be this way 24/7.


Your health - mental, physical & emotional - is critically important and if mental load is contributing to reduced health in any area, it's time to make a change. Say it louder!


You're not supposed to manage, pursue, and control all the things. You need to prioritize.


You're not supposed to be a martyr and do everything all by yourself. You need to set clear boundaries & accept help.


You're not supposed to "just get by" in this season of motherhood.

You need to create & fully own the life you want to lead.

ready to fight mental load with me?

I'm Jess. Productivity coach & fellow “ladder climber in recovery”

I help overwhelmed mamas get back on track towards a purposeful life after veering a liiiittle bit off thanks to the crippling burden of mental load.


I know you find joy in motherhood AND your career, but you're struggling to manage it all.

Something's gotta give!

Together, we’ll navigate through the overwhelm to unearth that smart, beautiful, capable woman and face her towards a joyful and present life again ... well before those babies hit driver’s ed.

You might be thinking you missed the boat & that this "is just the way it is."

Don't worry, sweet friend. It’s not too late. You’re right where you’re supposed to be as we begin this journey towards relief.

From one working mama to another ...

Get your free guide & take that first step.

mama, I know you're busy ...

but let's enjoy a {hot} coffee date

Back to coffee...I’ll arrive a few minutes early to find us the best seat, then text you with:
“Here! See you when you rush!”
Pressure off. Come as you are.First, we'll make snow angels for two hours ... oops, wait ... wrong plan.
You’ll likely arrive incredibly overwhelmed (and maybe a few minutes late). You'll start with a list of 20 thousand things on your mind, but I’ll stand up and give you a big squeeze.

I’m a hugger. I don’t ask permission. Sometimes awkward in business settings, always worth it.
You'll always get unapologetic authenticity from me.
After I strongly encourage a snack to go with your delicious choice of coffee, I’ll grab our picks, including my Grande Pike, black with a glazed lemon loaf (yum!).Black coffee is about as direct & transparent
as it gets ... & that's me!
As soon as we sit down, I'll ask you to tell me everything.
I reserve the right to stop you anytime I hear an opportunity
to encourage you to set more boundaries or just say NO.

That’s my jam right there.
You'll be showered with a crap ton of encouragement
& exact strategies to mitigate the pain.
Then we’ll probably lament over clutter. All of it - the digital photos that are just sitting on the computer. The paper flying around the house from stacks of mail that haven’t been sorted in weeks. And the general home “swirl,” as I like to call it. That mental load sure is rearing its ugly head in your life these days.

... and let's not forget the “honey do list.” You really wish he’d be more of a self-starter, but you're grateful he does anything at all!
We'll find that healthy dose of optimism & a few solid mindset shifts.
We’ll likely plan to enjoy coffee for 30 min, but stay for an hour (husband’s doing just fiiiiiiine with the kids)
because we're on a roll together.
An opportunity to connect with friends & solve problems is always worth the extra time.
Our chat will involve tons of simple, strategic & actionable advice, a la Monica Gellar. She’s my TV personality doppelganger and I’m loud & proud about it!Everyone needs a Monica in their life. Who are you?
A big hug will end our chat. But on my way home, I’ll think of
10 more ideas for you ... all of which will result
in a novel in your texts.
You've got cozy sweaters for the warm fuzzies
... it's all action here!

With that, we're going on an adventure, my friend.

Secure the lid on that coffee & buckle up.

Are you ready?

a few fun facts about me ...

Self-Awareness / Personality Test Junkie | ISTJ, Enneagram 1, StrengthsFinder (Achiever, Discipline, Maximizer, Learner, Focus), Four Tendencies (Upholder).

Married twice, same sweetheart. Eloped on the beach at Santa Monica Pier in 2009 and made it official at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, IL in 2010.

Mama of 2 fur babies (Kate & Trudy) and 2 human babies (Dagny & Noah).

Born & raised in Sweet Home Chicago. Moved to the Emerald City in 2014.

Proud University of Wisconsin Alumna | Class of 2007 #onwisconsin.

Creator of the 6th love language: Photography.

Obsessed with my Peloton (Tread & Cycle).

Business-minded since childhood. Most notable: sold my mint condition, highest value Ty Beanie Babies on an online forum in 1995.