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Wedding Weekend ~ The Big Day {July 20, 2013}

Exactly two weeks ago, my little sister walked down the aisle to marry her fiance! At 4:30pm on the dot, precisely the start time of the ceremony, the mountain clouds rolled through with a quick downpour. Not five minutes later we were on our way towards the altar. Rain = good luck! As you can...

The Icebreaker

Hey there, I'm Jessica!

I used to glorify "busy." If I wasn't busy, I wasn't doing enough. But when I became a mama, my entire outlook shifted.


The only way out involved a complete overhaul of my time, money & communication systems.


Today, I'm doing LESS and achieving more.

It's a productivity dream!

I'm still learning (and always will be!), but my purpose here is to help YOU achieve this level of space in your life too.


So grab your (hot) coffee & read on >>

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