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13 Ways to Maintain a Clutter-Free Home (for Longer Than 5 Minutes)

So you think it might be impossible to maintain a clutter-free home for more than 5 minutes? You’ve worked diligently to declutter & clean your home (fit into an already busy schedule), felt proud of the work you accomplished, then the family dove in and lost their minds in the tidiness. Hurricane Toddler & Tropical...

How to Declutter Your Home (Even When You’re Overwhelmed)

In this post, you’ll learn how to declutter your home with a simplified method when you’re paralyzed by overwhelm, stuck on inaction, or just want to declutter the easy way! Does one of those cases sound like you? Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here! If you read last week’s post, I briefly introduced this 30%...

Declutter 101 | What You Need to Know About Tidying Your Home

You’ve been wondering lately if now’s the time to finally declutter your home. Things are bursting at the seams and you’re constantly trying to re-organize your home, only to see it rebound quickly the next day. This happens more often than you’d like to admit, right? It’s exhausting! And I can totally relate. Growing up,...

please friend, just hire someone to clean your home!

As a working mama who actually wants to spend time with her babies, the best thing we ever did was hire a bi-weekly cleaning team for our home. There. I said it. There is truly nothing better than outsourcing the cleanliness of our toilets and I want to shout it from the rooftops. I want...

The Icebreaker

Hey there, I'm Jessica!

I used to glorify "busy." If I wasn't busy, I wasn't doing enough. But when I became a mama, my entire outlook shifted.


The only way out involved a complete overhaul of my time, money & communication systems.


Today, I'm doing LESS and achieving more.

It's a productivity dream!

I'm still learning (and always will be!), but my purpose here is to help YOU achieve this level of space in your life too.


So grab your (hot) coffee & read on >>

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