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7 Strategies for Efficient Grocery Shopping

If quarantine this year taught us anything about our food shopping habits, it’s that efficient grocery shopping is completely possible and within our reach! NO, we don’t actually need to hit the grocery store more than once a week, even if it’s “on the way home from work” or “just a quick stop.” Not even...

How to Simplify Meal Planning When You’re Tired of the Process

You never thought you’d be making THIS many meals at home in your entire life. But here we are and I’ll just cut to the chase: it’s time to simplify meal planning, friend! If you’ve never done the math to calculate how many meals one person eats in a year, it’s over 1,000. Not including...

Create an Easy Summer Meal Plan for 90 Days in Less Than 2 Hours

Imagine if you spent just 2 hours today building an easy summer meal plan that led you to 90 full days of meals on the calendar … A meal plan that prioritized flavor, excitement & simplicity all-in-one. One that easily fit within your busy weekly schedule? Don’t believe it can be done (for free, no...

Why You Might Want to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle Today

You’re doing an amazing job! Right now. In this moment. Whatever brought you here to find out how to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, be gentle on yourself before anything (I’m sure you ARE, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it!) You’re juggling the responsibilities of motherhood right alongside your career during this wild emotional rollercoaster...

The Icebreaker

Hey there, I'm Jessica!

I used to glorify "busy." If I wasn't busy, I wasn't doing enough. But when I became a mama, my entire outlook shifted.


The only way out involved a complete overhaul of my time, money & communication systems.


Today, I'm doing LESS and achieving more.

It's a productivity dream!

I'm still learning (and always will be!), but my purpose here is to help YOU achieve this level of space in your life too.


So grab your (hot) coffee & read on >>

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