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It’s Science | Low Expectations Creates Freedom & Happiness

This post contains affiliate links to products I absolutely adore. I earn a small commission on purchases you make using my recommendations at no cost to you! Exactly one year ago today, on January 14, 2019, I woke up to the due date of my son … my second baby … stiiiiiill pregnant. Many people...

one thing you need to give up *right now* for peak productivity

I shared a lesson on “letting go” with my newsletter friends last week. After publishing, it got me thinking what else I could be letting go of this week. Then it came to me! Multi-Tasking She’s a tricky b, multitasking is. She makes you think that she’s the ONLY solution to all of the insanity...

3 Baseline Strategies for Balancing Motherhood and a Full-Time Career

Balancing motherhood and a full-time career is no small feat. I thought I was overwhelmed prior to having kids! Children add a whole new dimension to the daily rhythm and expectations of a successful day. Leaning into and managing that rhythm means constantly adjusting with each new season. I claimed 12 weeks of maternity leave...

The Icebreaker

Hey there, I'm Jessica!

I used to glorify "busy." If I wasn't busy, I wasn't doing enough. But when I became a mama, my entire outlook shifted.


The only way out involved a complete overhaul of my time, money & communication systems.


Today, I'm doing LESS and achieving more.

It's a productivity dream!

I'm still learning (and always will be!), but my purpose here is to help YOU achieve this level of space in your life too.


So grab your (hot) coffee & read on >>

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